Automatic Collar Type Auger Filler Pouch Packaging Machine

Products that are packed in Automatic Collar Type Auger Filler Pouch Packaging Machine


Different Shapes of Snacks are packed in this machine


All type of Kurkure are packed and Sealed in this machine

Masala Powder

All type of Masala Powders are packed in this machine


All type of Dals like chana dal, moong dal are packed in this machine

Specifications :-

Pouches Packed

25 to 30 Pouches / Per Minute


Single Phase Light (1 hour 3 unit)


+- 1 to 2 grams for 10 Pouches

Pouches Packed

Its a Former type machine (Paper Comes From Front Side)

Air Type

No need of Air Compressar for this machine


Digital Display is given for operations

Discription :-

An automatic collar type auger filler packaging machine is a type of packaging machinery used to efficiently and accurately fill and package a variety of powdered or granular products such as spices, flour, detergent, and more. The machine uses an auger to measure and dispense a predetermined amount of the product into a pre-formed pouch or container, which is then sealed and labeled.


The machine is designed with a collar-like structure that holds the pouch or container in place during the filling process, ensuring accurate and consistent filling every time. The auger is driven by a motor and is programmable to dispense a precise amount of product, which can be adjusted according to the specific product being filled.


This type of packaging machine is commonly used in the food industries, where accuracy and efficiency are crucial for maintaining product quality and reducing waste

FAQ :- How our machines can help you to grow your business and earn profits in this several ways :

An auger is used to measure and dispense the product into the pouch. The auger filler is highly accurate and can be adjusted to dispense different quantities of the product.

This machine is designed with a collar that forms the pouch, making it easy to adjust the pouch size and avoid product spillage.

The machine is operated through a user-friendly touchscreen control panel, which makes it easy to adjust the settings and control the machine.

This machine can seal the pouches using various sealing methods, such as heat sealing, cold sealing, and ultrasonic sealing, depending on the product being packed.

This machine can fill and pack pouches at a high speed, with some models capable of packing up to 25 to 30 pouches per minute.

The machine is designed for easy maintenance, with easily accessible parts that can be replaced or cleaned easily.

The machine is fully automatic, and once it is set up, it can work continuously without any operator intervention.

Demonstration :- See our live presentation of Automatic Collar Type Auger Filler Pouch Packaging Machine

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