Automatic Mechanical Cup Filler Pouch Packing Machine 10 gm to 200 gm

Products That Are Packed In Automatic Mechanical Cup Filler Pouch Packaging Machine


Different Shapes of Snacks are packed in this machine


All type of Kurkure are packed and Sealed in this machine


All type of Granulas items like jira, mohari and etc are packed in this machine


All type of Dals like chana dal, moong dal, urad dal are packed in this machine

Specifications :-

Pouches Packed

25 to 30 Pouches / Per Minute


Single Phase Light (1 hour 3 unit)


+- 1 to 2 grams for 10 Pouches

Pouches Packed

Its a Former type machine (Paper Comes From Front Side)

Air Type

No need of Air Compressar for this machine


Digital Display is given for operations

Discription :-

It is a highly efficient and precise packaging solution for filling pre-made pouches with a variety of products. The machine operates using a mechanical volumetric cup filler, which dispenses the product into the pouch with accuracy and consistency. The volumetric cup is adjustable to accommodate different product volumes, ensuring that each pouch is filled with the correct amount of product. The mechanical operation of the machine, using levers and gears, provides a reliable and consistent filling process. 

This type of packaging machine is suitable for various industries, including food, and is capable of filling a wide range of products, including powders, granules, and Khada Masala, jira, elaichi, granules masalas, kurkure etc. The resulting pouches provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for product packaging and distribution.

FAQ :- How our machines can help you to grow your business and earn profits in this several ways :

The machine can fill and package products at a faster rate than manual methods, leading to higher production and a higher return on investment.

The volumetric cup filler provides consistent and accurate filling, leading to consistent product quality and customer satisfaction.

The use of a machine reduces the need for manual labor, thus reducing labor costs.

The machine has a higher production capacity compared to manual methods, leading to increased output and higher profits.

The use of pre-made pouches eliminates the need for additional packaging materials, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Mechanical volumetric cup filler pouch packaging machine can help businesses grow and earn profits by increasing efficiency, providing consistent product quality, reducing labor costs, increasing production capacity, and providing cost savings.

Demonstration :- See our live presentation of Automatic Mechanical Cup Filler Pouch Packaging Machine

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