Automatic Pepsi Candy Packaging Machine

Products that are packed in Automatic Pepsi pouch packaging machine


Different Pepsi  are packed in this machine

Specifications :-


Approx 3600 pepsi per hour


Single Phase Light (1 hour 3 unit)


+- 1 to 2 grams for 10 Pouches

Pouches Packed

Its a Former type machine (Paper Comes From Front Side)

Air Type

No need of Air Compressar for this machine


Digital Display is given for operations

Discription :-

A pouch Pepsi packaging machine is a type of automatic packaging machine that is specifically designed to package Pepsi products into flexible pouches. Pouch packaging has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its convenience and portability, making it a popular option for on-the-go consumption.


The pouch Pepsi packaging machine typically involves several stages, including:


Pouch forming: The packaging material is fed through the machine, and the machine forms the material into pouches of the desired shape and size.

Filling: The pouches are filled with the desired amount of Pepsi product using a filling nozzle. The filling process may be automated and controlled by a computer system to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Sealing: The pouches are sealed to prevent any leaks or spills during transportation and storage. The sealing process may involve heat sealing or other methods.

Cutting: The pouches are cut from the packaging material and separated from each other.

Packaging: The finished pouches are packaged and prepared for distribution.

FAQ :- How our machines can help you to grow your business and earn profits in this several ways :

The machines are equipped with filling stations that can automatically measure and fill the beverage into the packaging containers.

The volumetric cup filler provides consistent and accurate filling, leading to consistent product quality and customer satisfaction.

The use of a machine reduces the need for manual labor, thus reducing labor costs.

The machines can apply accurate labeling and coding on the packaging containers.

The use of pre-made pouches eliminates the need for additional packaging materials, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Automatic Pepsi packaging machines typically have built-in quality control mechanisms to ensure that the beverages are packaged correctly and to minimize errors.

Demonstration :- See our live presentation of Automatic Pepsi pouch packaging machine

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