Volumetric Cup Filler Pouch Packaging Machine

Products That Are Packed In Automatic Volumatric Cup Filler Pouch Packaging Machine


Different Shapes of Snacks are packed in this machine


All type of Kurkure are packed and Sealed in this machine


All type of Farsan items are packed in this machine


Different Shapes of Snacks are packed in this machine

Specifications :-

Pouches Packed

25-30 Pouches / Per Minute


Single Phase Light (1 hour 3 unit)


+- 1 to 2 grams for 10 Pouches

Pouches Packed

Its a Former type machine (Paper Comes From Front Side)

Air Type

No need of Air Compressar for this machine


Digital Display is given for operations

Discription :-

A volumetric cup filler pouch packaging machine is a type of packaging equipment used to fill and package products such as powders, granules, liquids, and other free-flowing materials into pouches. 


The machine typically consists of a frame, a hopper, a volumetric cup filling system, a sealing system, and a control panel. The hopper holds the product to be filled and is equipped with an agitator to ensure consistent flow of the product.

The volumetric cup filling system measures a predetermined amount of the product and dispenses it into each pouch. The cup size can be adjusted to accommodate different product volumes.


The sealing system seals the filled pouches, usually through heat sealing, to ensure the product remains fresh and protected during transportation and storage.


The control panel allows the operator to adjust the settings for filling and sealing, monitor the machine’s performance, and control the speed of the machine.

FAQ :- How our machines can help you to grow your business and earn profits in this several ways :

The machine is equipped with volumetric cups that measure a predetermined volume of the product to be packaged. The cups are adjustable to accommodate different volumes.

The film is formed into pouches using a set of sealing jaws that create a seal on the sides and bottom of the pouch. The sealing jaws are adjustable to accommodate different pouch sizes.

The use of a machine reduces the need for manual labor, thus reducing labor costs.

The volumetric cups dispense the product into each pouch through a funnel or spout. The filling process is typically timed to ensure consistent filling volumes.

The machine is typically equipped with a control panel that allows operators to adjust the filling volume, pouch size, and other settings. It may also have an interface for monitoring and controlling the packaging process.

Volumetric cup filler pouch packaging machines are known for their efficiency and speed. They can produce a large number of pouches per minute and require minimal operator intervention.

Demonstration :- See our live presentation of Volumetric Cup Filler pouch packaging machine

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