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Automatic Collar Type Auger Filler Pouch Packing machine 10 grams to 500 grams Masala powder pouch Packing machine

Product that are packed- Masala powder, jira, mahuri, elaichi, granules, penuts, seedling, dals, chips, kurkure, namkeen + 20 items

Specifications :-

Pouches Packed

25 to 30 Pouches / Per Minute


Single Phase Light (3unit per hours)


+- 1 to 2 grams for 10 Pouches

Description :-

Discover the ultimate solution for packaging spices and masala powder with unmatched precision and efficiency – Shree Swami Samarth Packaging Machines. We are your trusted partner for state-of-the-art pouch packaging machines designed specifically for the spice and masala industry.

At Shree Swami Samarth Packaging Machines, we recognize the unique requirements of the spice and masala packaging industry. Our specialized machines are meticulously engineered to meet the high standards and expectations of this niche market.


Key Features of our Spice and Masala Powder Pouch Packaging Machine:


Precision in Every Pouch: Our machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure accurate dosing, filling, and sealing, ensuring that your spices and masala powders are perfectly packaged every time.

Versatile Packaging Options: Whether you require sachets, stand-up pouches, or custom packaging styles, our machines can accommodate a variety of pouch formats, giving you the flexibility to cater to different customer preferences.

Airtight Sealing: Maintaining the freshness and flavor of your spices is paramount. Our packaging machines deliver airtight seals that protect the quality of your products, extending shelf life and enhancing customer satisfaction.

User-Friendly Operation: Designed with your operators in mind, our machines are user-friendly, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity.

Robust Construction: Built to last, our machines are constructed with durable materials and precision engineering, ensuring they can withstand the demands of high-volume production.

Cost-Efficiency: By optimizing your packaging processes, our machines help you reduce waste, save on production costs, and boost your overall profitability.

Shree Swami Samarth Packaging Machines is committed to revolutionizing the spice and masala packaging industry. Our Spice and Masala Powder Pouch Packaging Machine is a testament to our dedication to your success.

Join the growing number of satisfied clients who have chosen Shree Swami Samarth Packaging Machines to take their spice and masala packaging to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our machines and how they can enhance the quality, efficiency, and profitability of your spice and masala business. We are here to empower your success.


How our machines can help you to grow your business and earn profits in this several ways

  • Auger filler:

  • An auger is used to measure and dispense the product into the pouch. The auger filler is highly accurate and can be adjusted to dispense different quantities of the product.

  • Collar type design:

  • This machine is designed with a collar that forms the pouch, making it easy to adjust the pouch size and avoid product spillage.

  • Touchscreen control panel:

  • The machine is operated through a user-friendly touchscreen control panel, which makes it easy to adjust the settings and control the machine.

  • Pouch sealing:

FAQ :- How our machines can help you to grow your business and earn profits in this several ways :

The machine can fill and package products at a faster rate than manual methods, leading to higher production and a higher return on investment.

The machine uses a collar type pouch that provides a stable and strong seal. This type of pouch is also easy to store and transport.

The machine has a high level of accuracy, ensuring that each pouch is filled with the exact amount of product. This reduces waste and ensures consistent quality.

The machine has a higher production capacity compared to manual methods, leading to increased output and higher profits.

The machine is designed for ease of use, with a user-friendly interface and simple controls.

The use of pre-made pouches eliminates the need for additional packaging materials, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Demonstration :- See our live presentation of Masala powder pouch Packing machine

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